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Welcome to Revolution Chocolate Company.

Come ride the wave!

We create Hand made, Small Batch, 3 Tier, Artisan Chocolate Bars and Quick Bites. Currently medicated with Delta 8 THC and CBD. We also offer plain old delicious hand made chocolate with no concentrates added so that you can enjoy the chocolate without worrying about eating to much medicated chocolate.

Charles our Chocolatier has been creating multiple flavored infused chocolate bars since 2013.

What makes our chocolate different than competitors is our unique flavor profile. The 3-Tier system we use is proprietary. That said, you will understand the 3-Tier system when you taste the full spectrum of flavors when it hits your pallet.


We pride ourselves on creating a vessel for your concentrate meds to be ingested with full flavor and potency, with no bitter after or during flavor of what ever concentrate we add according to your states legal position on Delta 8.

In the future we are looking for partners in Legal Marijuana states to add Delta 9, Psilocybin , etc. We also feel that it is highly important to test all our concentrates as well as post the results here on our website. You can feel comfortable that every Quick Bite and Bar is dosed with in limits of all labeled doses and meets all standards of your states requirements in the Legal Hemp and Cannabis markets. 



Our mission at Revolution Chocolate Company is to provide the most delicious, clean, Edible on the market. You have a choice in Quality Edibles out there, Let the H202e experience inspire you and your taste buds to reach a higher level. 

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